Monday, 18 February 2013

MESSAGE One : The Clarion Call

(A Message from Bhagawan Baba written to students in 1995, meant for all His devotees) :

My dear Children,
AWAKE!     AWAKE!        AWAKE!
There is no time for slumber. You have been asleep and dreaming for thousands of life-times. If you do not awake now, this chance may not come again for thousands of lifetimes more.  


Separation is no longer the order of the day. I separated myself from myself, so that I could love myself more. The experience is finished,
I want all of Myself to merge into Me, the One  Self!

I gave many of you the advantage of an unhappy childhood, including conflict and separation from your mother and father. In doing this, I removed you from the temptation of becoming attached to human parents, or a specific family situation, which left you with only one option:   ATTACH   YOURSELF  TO  ME !!

Why do you not avail yourself of this opportunity, instead of continually seeking these relationships, which can never satisfy you? Even if your childhood has been as idyllic as you would have liked, it is not your mother’s love that you need.

Ultimately, it is not even the LOVE of His (GOD’s) Name and Form that you long for. Your deepest, innermost urge is : 
to RETURN to yourself, to LOVE yourself, to BECOME the Being (SATH), the Awareness (Chith) and the Bliss (ANANDA), which is ALL you will ever be.

LET GO of the past; stop trying to get from each other, what you think you missed in childhood or marriage. You will never find anyone who is enough, not even ME! 
LOVE YOUR SELF; KNOW YOURSELF. Only YOU will ever be enough!

Can you not Love yourself, because I Love you over and over again? 
Did I not move Heaven and Earth to bring you to me? 

I have asked all devotees to repeat the MANTRA: I AM GOD; I AM NOT DIFFERENT FROM GOD.
Now I ask you to specifically follow that instruction, it will be even more helpful than any other thing that you can do. 

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