Saturday, 16 February 2013

2. By the Ocean-Side

To the Ocean deep and blue
Come many a thirsting soul,
They come with diverse motives
But none are turned aside !

Some gather salt from the waters,
Some scour its bosom for pearls,
Some go in for deep-sea fishing,
Some stick safely to the shore.

There are poets to eulogise
Intellectuals to theorise
Philosophers with assumptions and
Scientists who analyse.

But the Ocean remains unruffled 
In a magnanimous giving
For, everyone has the right
To visit the Ocean-side !!!

"When  you dive into the sea at one place, you are diving into the full, never a fraction. For the ocean is the same everywhere. If your thirst remains unquenched, it is because you did not dive deep enough." 
                                                                   Sri Sathya Sai

Everything comes, flows from Thee,
And yet we claim it is us.
A million miracles lie about us
Anonymous, unclaimed, unheeded.
We pick up pebbles
And claim sea-weed as our own
While the Ocean watches and smiles:
In playful, foam-filled tenderness !!

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