Thursday, 14 February 2013

1. The Lord of Parthi (July 21, 2011 10.53 pm)

You came,
A VISITOR from faraway,
You brought with you,
The essence of Life . . .
You walked amidst us
And immersed us in Your Love,
And we learnt that Love is the essence of Life.

You lingered,
Your loveliness only grew
And our eyes were filled with Your Form.
Your image became etched in our souls,
Your fragrance permeated our senses
Your radiance engulfed our beings,
Your wisdom enveloped our minds;
And YOU – O sweet Lord,
Entered our hearts, that domain most sacred and true.

Then one day, You left.
You suddenly faded from our sight,
You misted away from our view,
You left and never came back.
So mesmerised were we by Thy immutable Presence
That Reality never sank in,
Till perhaps too late.
This world, our world, went mad with grief,
The earth shook on her hinges
The heavens shuddered and our hearts broke
Into a million, million fragments.

How did we let You go?
So noiselessly You slipped away,
There was no sound or fury,
There were no sesimic earthquakes,
There were no cataclysmic floods
But only a stark SILENCE;
The silence of a frightening void.

You have gone away and we weep
Limitless, countless, helpless tears
The grief settles in the heart
And iron has entered our souls.
The nights don’t end for us
The days are filled with trivia
We go through the motions of life
But Oh! LIFE has fled away.

And then:
YOU came back
Softly, silently like dew on grass
Just as silently You left.
Walking in our dreams,
Throbbing in the air,
Peeping shyly through the sunlit leaves on trees.
Sparkling from waters and waving from skies
You smile at us and whisper:
Just seek and you will find.

The Ever-Present One

Our hearts believe You, Lord,
Though our eyes do not agree,
And our minds are sulking still
At this Master-game You played.

Now. we wait and we know not why
Or what we are waiting for
There is no hurry to run for Your Sight
Life can be leisurely.

Yet, habits die hard
And so You find us
Searching and groping still
Yearning and pining for You
Dreaming of a meeting that is yet to be,
Of promises stated but not bestowed,
Of a Vision assured but not realised.
We wait, uncertain, anxious
Hearts broken, yet with that glimmer of hope
If nothing else, neither prayers nor tears,
Then the weight of our waiting
Would bring You to us,
For aren’t we Your children still?


  1. What a wonderful & heartfelt expression! I am in tears!

  2. hey it looks like for many of us the healing is coming now- after some 2 years of numbness. . . .


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