Thursday, 14 February 2013

HISTORY: His Story, OUR STORY-- An introduction

Take my hand, Precious Lord

Bhagawan often used to say, that the true HISTORY of a life is His Story, the account of God's Presence in your life and that of civilisation, the chronicle of God's sojourn on Earth.  

Why? Is God a despot? Not really, or well, maybe a loving despot  :) The truth of the matter is, encounters with the Divine are really those moments in time (or, out of time, rather), that cannot be wiped away by time, for the Divine is Timeless!

So too, the actual age of a person is calculated by how many years he/she has spent, being aware of the Divine. The rest can actually be discounted. Take heart; by this it also means that we are all still toddlers, I guess!

Under this Label/Topic, I include the experiences of people I have met on this fascinating, spiritual journey. His Story is a collection of many stories, our stories, in the lap of the Divine. 


  1. Your each word echos your love and devotion for The Beloved Sai. May He grant you Oneness with Him in this very life and may you also become His instrument to spread His love. Best wishes.


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