Thursday, 14 February 2013

My ORANGE 'Spots of Time'

'Spots of Time' was a phrase coined by William Wordsworth, first used in his epic poem, "The Prelude", to describe certain moments in his life when an event or an experience affected his consciousness deeply and changed his very perception of life. 
Staying in the proximity of a Divine Master afforded us students and devotees many such 'spots of time' in our lives, our very own, vibrant, life-changing, character-defining, ORANGE 'spots of time'.
Often, the significance of these moments is realised after a certain gap of time has elapsed, when the memory of the experience brings back the same powerful emotion associated with it. And so too the lesson contained within it.

Perhaps this is the GIFT of the Divine spiritual Master to His followers, the gift of REMEMBRANCE, after the beloved Form is no longer visible or accessible. Hence it has also been said, "remembrance is DARSHAN".

My endeavour would be to record some such moments as and when they occur to me.

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