Saturday, 23 February 2013

3. DARSHAN: The INFINITE in time

Darshan in the late 80s: Swami with seva dal volunteers and  

a few Anantapur college students

On a summer day,

When the breeze blows at your hair,

And the strains of sitar, blend

With Your flowing robe;

Your limpid eyes lit up with a smile,

Your Graceful steps pausing, while You bend,

and Your gentle fingers linger to reach out

To seeking multitudes.

How calm and poignant is this sight of YOU, O Lord !

How exceedingly precious,

This rare glimpse of Your DARSHAN.                                                                                   1999                                                                                                                                        

The OMNIPRESENT moment (August 2004)

Darshan in the ladies section, 2000 A. D.

Yes, time is relative and Eternity abides 
In a moment.
I watch YOU pass by,
Looking into the eyes of each upturned face,
Sometimes tender, sometimes away,
Sometimes stern, sometimes gay;
People look at watches: “Darshan is over, they say”,
And it took You just minutes, for that round,
In  Your little red golf-cart.  

I watch faces -- smile, relax 
And sometimes, crumble in tears.
A  moment for each one
A  MOMENT, when into the depths of the soul,

INFINITY  looked and beckoned, reassured and consoled ,
And sometimes, admonished.

A  moment that changes life
That stretches to include, the lived past, the coming future
In an all-embracing present, the OMNIPRESENT.
That defining moment, when You, O Lord,  gazed . . . . .
And humanness was transformed for ever. 

So, isn’t time relative after all ?
A  few moments of Darshan; yet infinite timeless moments
That watches can only mis-calculate
Since un-designed for timelessness !



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