Thursday, 14 February 2013

1. CREATIVITY: Expression of the Emerging Self

CREATIVITY is the soul trying to make its presence felt in the humdrum of daily living. It is the whisper of the Eternal within us asking us to pay attention, to LIVE and not merely exist. It is the "inner child" seeking permission to emerge out of the dark wilderness of our subconscious. 

We are born with many soul yearnings. We come as messengers from other realms filled with the wonder and joy of living, until we are seduced by the worldliness of the world and we lose our innocence.

Creativity is the soul's message that all is not lost. Innocence can be retrieved and poured into life, with the added benefit of experience. 

In this section, I want to share with you, moments and insights from my creative journey, a journey that can be undertaken by anyone. I believe that every human being has a creative core, waiting to be expressed in myriad ways. YES. The million dollar question is: HOW ? Where do we begin? What are the tools?

Please wait for my next post, fellow travellers on the creative journey! One clue: It all begins from the



  1. Not only the articles and poetry , pictures are beautiful and eye catching too . Uma Ragu Nathan .

  2. I enjoyed reading your blogs ..Thank you


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